“Be Not Afraid” Temporary Tattoos

$6.00 plus tax


Looking for a dainty Catholic tattoo with a powerful message that you can look at during a time of trial or wear just for fun? These Catholic temporary tattoos are a great solution! Put them on your wrist, your ankle, anywhere! They make great conversation starters and gifts, too! Wear these Catholic temporary tattoos as mantras in labor, during surgery, during job interviews or play auditions – any time you need an extra dose of courage or need to reminded of God’s strength. Choose your Catholic mantra and wear it proudly!

“Be not afraid!” Wear these temporary tattoos as a constant reminder that Jesus is holding you through both the good and the scary times. These words were also spoken by St. John Paul II, and the temporary tattoo is written in his actual handwriting!

• Proudly made in the United States
• Complies with FDA standards.
• Instructions for application and removal are on the back
• Tattoos last an average of 4-6 days depending on placement and daily wear
• Entire temporary tattoo (top and bottom text together) measures 1.5 x 3 inches