Nativity Trail: Advent Study

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Intended to be journey with Jesus, Mary and Joseph from Nazareth to Bethlehem, each day of the study offers a Psalm. We selected each day’s Psalm from the Psalms included in the Liturgy of the Hours for that day. Therefore, this study is a soft introduction to the Prayer of the Church.

After reading the Psalm, we take your family through an imagination-based reflection. These reflections are short, but they ask you to imagine the real life of Mary, Jospeh, Elizabeth, Zechariah, Anne and others. The Bible tells us the key events that led up to Jesus’ life, but this Advent, pause and imagine the smaller, more ordinary events. Sit with these characters and feel what it was like to be part of God’s beautiful plan.

Finally, each day’s reflection is ended with a short prayer. We also encourage you to add singing the first verse of “O Come O Come Emanuel” to your daily study.

We wrote Nativity Trail for Catholic Families that have lived through an intense year. We intentionally kept each day’s study short. You should be able to get through all of the content in 7 minutes or less. Also, everything you need for the study is right there in the book. No prep, no stress, no questions to puzzle over. Just read, listen to God’s voice, imagine and pray.