Pray Fully

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Author: Michele Faehnle
Author: Emily Jaminet

“I feel silly trying to make up prayers myself.”
“My mind starts to wander as I am speaking to God.”
“I just don’t have time to pray.”

Do you recognize yourself in any of these statements? Then Pray Fully is for you. Michele Faehnle and Emily Jaminet—bestselling authors of Divine Mercy for Moms and The Friendship Project—share the rewards and frustrations of their own prayer journeys to create a practical guide that combines testimonies, tips, and journaling space to help you spend quality time with God. Whether you want to learn how to pray aloud in a group or to stop your mind from wandering during prayer, Faehnle and Jaminet have practical advice and the real-life experience to help you overcome obstacles to everyday prayer.

Both raised in Catholic families who spent time in prayer, Faehnle and Jaminet wanted to experience a relationship with God that consisted of more than Sunday Mass and an occasional panicked Rosary or a rushed cry for help. They each found that the noisy, self-centered monologue of their youth grew into a fuller, more mature dialogue of love when they gave time to God and began to truly listen to him.

In Pray Fully, Faehnle and Jaminet share basic prayer principles that have helped them to become women of prayer:

  • make time for personal, daily communication with Jesus
  • spend time meditating and engaging in other spiritual practices such as adoration or the Examen
  • recognize the critical times of each day when you need a “prayer boost”
  • live deeply in the sacraments and enrich your life with sacramentals
  • record your intentions and thank God for answered prayer

Encouraging stories and practical advice—including tips from the lives and writings of the saints—questions for personal reflection and private meditation, and journaling space will help you develop a lifelong dialogue with God.

The book is perfect for individual or group study.