The True Night Before Christmas

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Creativity came naturally to local writers Robert and Vanessa Condreay parishioners of St. Francis of Assisi. Their writing took a different direction when cancer struck Robert. Recovering from surgery, chemo and radiation treatments, the couple started to ponder what their next project might be. That was the beginning of a children’s book called “The True Night Before Christmas”. Robert read closely the nativity story in the Gospels to make sure what was written would tell the story accurately. The couple asked local artist Linda Wallace to illustrate the story and then worked to have the book self-published. What resulted is a book that has delighted local children and families.

Father Andrew Labenz has said, “This book is one of the most scripturally accurate children’s books about the birth of Christ that I have read. I love this book!” A perfect gift for kids and grandkids, your family too will love this beautiful book and treasure it for years to come.