Good Enough

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Learning to Let Go of Perfect for the Sake of Holy

By (author) Wendi Nunnery

You’ve checked all the boxes. You’ve followed all the rules.

But something has still gone terribly wrong.

This is where Wendi Nunnery—Jesus follower, college graduate, and newlywed—found herself eleven years ago. After years of meeting all the expectations set for a “good” Christian girl, she was suddenly spiraling into an unknown terror she would later discover was Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and questioning everything she’d ever known about herself and about God.

It took nearly a decade, but eventually Wendi learned her value was fixed. Finished. Holy. And it’s in the pages of this book where she lays out the story of how and invites you to come along, find a friend, and realize you are not alone in your wandering.

Driven by thoughtful, poignant essays with just the right amount of colorful language, Good Enough tackles the lie that we are required to be perfect in order to be good and, most importantly, reveals the truth about how much we’ve already been given.

  • Pages: 160
  • Formats: Paperback