How Does He Love Me?

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A Collection of Love Sonnets

By (author) Brad Lussier

Foreword by Joanna Weir Ouston

If you love words well-chosen, the enticing turn of a phrase, and the rhythm of ten artful beats to a line, you will enjoy this collection of sonnets. However, if you have ever found yourself helplessly infatuated, the prisoner of an overwhelming and delightful passion, and captive to a ravenous hunger that only those eyes, that smile, and that voice can satisfy, you will love this book. Appropriating the wisdom of C.S. Lewis from The Four Loves and Pope Benedict XVI from Deus Caritas Est, Brad Lussier helps to close the gap between Eros and Agape, and offers a fresh understanding of divine love. The sonnets in this collection will transport you to another era when those smitten penned their love, fourteen lines at a time.

  • Pages: 52
  • Formats: Paperback