Pray and Think Imaginative Rosary Book

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Engage children in praying the Rosary and inspire them to love the Blessed Mother with this inviting, imaginative how-to book.

Colorful, reverent pictures and child-friendly explanations for each mystery offer parents and children a chance to grow together in the Faith. Meditation on the mysteries helps young Catholics to think about each mystery (including the Luminous) and interact with the pictures using their imaginations, leading them toward the first steps of meditative prayer.

This hardcover picture book is written by a Catholic mother for Catholic mothers to help teach their children how to experience the beauty of the Rosary and how to pray it.

The Pray and Think! Imaginative Rosary Book includes:

  • Step-by-step, illustrated instructions for praying the Rosary
  • The prayers of the Rosary
  • Child-friendly explanations and illustrations for each mystery
  • Prompts to help children start meditating on the mysteries
  • A chart to show when to pray each set of mysteries
  • Warm, colorful, reverent artwork

Format: Hardcover