Saint Jude Shining Light Doll

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Meet St. Jude!
St. Jude (October 28th) – Patron of: lost causes, desperate situations, hospitals

St. Jude was one of the twelve apostles of Jesus, and is well known as the patron saint of lost causes. Some speculate that this is because he was often confused with Judas (the apostle that betrayed Christ) and so few people prayed for his intercession! After Jesus’ ascension St. Jude traveled all around preaching and teaching. He is depicted with the Mandylion (Image of Edessa) around his neck – a miraculous image of Jesus given to him by Christ to take to a sick King after Jesus had gone to heaven. The story can be found on the educational insert that comes with the doll!

Teach your children about never giving up hope!  Introduce the story of St. Jude using the educational insert in the box.  Encourage children to consider what it means to keep our hope in Christ and to believe in miracles.  There is no such thing as a lost cause for God! St. Jude is a great way to introduce children to the ideas of hope, perseverance in prayer, and intercessory prayer.  His story is also a great way to show children that Jesus’ work on earth is continued through his followers (the Church)!

Key Features:

  • Brings the Saints to life in your child’s heart and imagination through developmentally healthy open-ended play
  • Grows with your child; safe for babies and toddlers, and continues to engage preschool and school age children with imaginative play centered around the “characters” of their Faith.
  • Exceeds safety requirements for children of all ages- including those under 3
  • Every doll comes in a beautiful collectible quality box, complete with educational insert full of fun facts!
  • Slightly over 3.5” tall
  • Nothing to break or lose! Durable, lightweight, single piece construction.

Plant the seeds of a lifelong faith with everyone’s favorite Catholic saint toys!