Saints Like Me: Great Asian Catholics

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Saints Like Me: Great Asian Catholics

Join us as we celebrate some incredible Catholics from Asia! This study board book was created so that you and your children might fully understand that God has called us all to be saints. We worked hard to bring you their stories and their faces as you meditate on your own call to holiness.

Many of the individuals included in this book have been promoted to the level of saint, while others are on the way to sainthood. Regardless, all the people included are remarkable examples of the transforming love of Jesus Christ in real life.

Great Asian Catholics includes an original, colorful portrait of each person as well as a short biography. Each biography is concluded with a phrase to help children connect more fully with the saint and an invitation to be like them.

It is our hope that through this simple book you can make some more friends in heaven and grow in your own desire to be a saint.