The Ave Prayer Book for Catholic Mothers

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Author: Ave Maria Press
Edited by: Heidi Hess Saxton
Foreword by: Emily Wilson Hussem

Every mother is looking for a spiritual lifeline—words that help bring you closer to God when you need him the most.

The Ave Prayer Book for Catholic Mothers is your go-to resource to find the perfect words to lift up in prayer for almost any occasion or need. This beautiful, full-color, hardcover book includes a collection of original and traditional prayers and reflections from dozens of moms just like you. You might need “A Kitchen Sink Offering,” “The Nine Annoying Things Novena,” “The Rosary for Warriors,” or “A Birthday Prayer.” Or you might want to read about more traditional prayers such as the Angelus, the Jesus Prayer, or the Memorare.

Join familiar moms including Jackie Francois Angel, Karianna Frey, Rachel Bulman, Sarah Christmyer, Jenna Guizar, Lisa M. Hendey, Haley S. Stewart, Kathryn Whitaker, Kendra Tierney, Michele Faehnle, Emily Jaminet, and Kelly M. Wahlquist as they share their favorite prayers and stories as a way to help you refresh your prayer life, leading you into God’s presence.

In this unique and extensive compilation you will find:

  • short reflections for Adoration or holy hour;
  • heartfelt prayers of praise, contrition, petition, and thanksgiving paired with meaningful connections to scripture;
  • a special section dedicated to praying the Rosary, including variations for specific needs;
  • prayers for spouses, children, extended family, and friends; and
  • simple litanies and novenas to encourage family prayer.

Whether you work your way from beginning to end or use the thematic index to target specific needs, these prayers and reflections will inspire you to make your life an ongoing conversation with God.

Buy one for a friend and keep a copy on the counter, in your bag, or in the car for those times you want to spend a few precious minutes with God.

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 224