The Essential Prayer Book Collection

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Over the years Paraclete has published prayer books for different liturgical seasons. For the first time, all prayer books can be found in one collection! Each little book holds the essential prayers for the perfect for the season.

Included in this collection:

Essential Christmas Prayers
This beautiful collection of inspiring holiday prayers will bring back heartwarming memories and open new understanding of the sacred season of Christmas.

Essential Lenten Prayers
This is a companion book for anyone observing the Christian season of Lent, with prayers and practices from a variety of denominations and traditions.

Essential Easter Prayers
This is a companion book for anyone celebrating the season of Easter, with prayers and practices from a variety of denominations and traditions covering subjects from Good Friday to Eastertide.

Essential Mystic Prayers
Whether appealing for knowledge, seeking a sense of the love of God, or about asceticism, questions and doubts, or contemplation and action, each of these prayers (from Christian and other religious tradition sources) are vibrantly alive. Rooted in classic sources, each prayer in Essential Mystic Prayers is important, especially now, in the 21st century. This book collects some of the most beautiful of these prayers.

Essential Celtic Prayers
People from all faiths and none at all find in the Celtic tradition an expression of spirituality deeply connected to nature, and vibrantly alive — a spiritual rootedness we long for in the twenty-first century — at the same time simpler and more richly diverse. This book is a collection of some of the most beautiful prayers of the Celtic tradition that speak to us across the centuries.