Tiny Saints® St. Therese of Lisieux

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Known also as “Saint Theresa, the Little Flower,” Therese was a very smart, kind and sensitive child from a good and loving family. But she had a very hard time with stress and fell victim to bullying, self-doubt and the challenges of life (including the early death of her mother). In 1886, Therese felt Jesus give her an answer to her struggle for peace. ?I felt, in a word, charity enter my heart, the need to forget myself to make others happy,? she said. In 1888, Therese entered a Carmelite convent. Known for her simple love and kind ways, Therese died at 24, promising to “send down a shower of roses” from Heaven.

Patron saint of:
loss of parents
Each charm is 1 inch long and is connected to a 1 inch long metal clip.