Saints Like Me: Great Black Catholics

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Great Black Catholics is a beautiful board book that features incredible Black Catholics from all over the world, including those that have been named Venerable, Blessed and Saint. Each saint is depicted through a realistic and beautiful custom portrait. Along with that, we have included simple text about each saint, a map showing where the lived and powerful words allowing all readers to understand how they can be like this Great Black Catholic.

We put this book together for one reason: NO KID SHOULD GROW UP THINKING THAT SAINTS DON’T LOOK LIKE THEM. No matter what we look like, we are called to be saints. Also, when we arrive in heaven we will be greeted by a multitude of saints that represent every type and color of person!

That is what this book celebrates. It is our hope that all children, no matter their race or culture or life experience, can see this book and be reminded that we are all called to saints.

Praise be to Jesus Christ!

The following Black Catholics are featured in this book:

1. St Felicity

2. St. Moses the Black

3. St. Martin de Pores

4. Venerable Henriette DeLille

5. Blessed Victorie Rasoamanarivo

6. Venerable Augustus Tolton

7. St. Charles Lwanga

8. St. Josephine Bakhita

9. Blessed Benedict Daswa

10. Our Lady of Kibeho