The Sacraments Puzzle

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A Saintly Heart™ and Brother Francis™ Collaboration! 

Invite your child to learn about the Sacraments alongside everyone’s favorite cartoon friar, Brother Francis!

Easy-to-grasp, chunky wooden puzzle pieces featuring sacrament definitions underneath, this puzzle is the perfect gift for everyone! Whether you are introducing your child to the Sacraments for the first time or your child is preparing to receive one of the Sacraments, this bright and colorful puzzle captivates children’ s attention and encourages open-ended and natural play, cognitive and physical development and fine-motor skills, and an understanding of the Seven Sacraments.

This educational, faith-based puzzle is sure to engage your child in endless play.Older children will love matching the pieces to the sacrament definitions while younger children will delight in matching each piece to their corresponding color.

Everyone will LOVE having their very own wooden figurines of Brother Francis and his feathery pal Reynaldo to play with as well as? Plus, the pieces stand upright so can be added to any dresser or shelf to display on your child’s favorite shelf.

Included in this set:

1 Brother Francis wooden piece

1 Reynaldo wooden piece

7 Sacrament pieces

1 Sacrament title piece

1 Puzzle Base with Sacrament definitions underneath

As a bonus, seven free sacrament coloring pages are available for download via a QR code on the packaging of this puzzle.

All wooden pieces are made from eco-friendly and sustainable wood and non-toxic paints